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10699: Tan 32x32 Baseplate
10699: Tan 32x32 Bas
Creativity starts right here! Whether you’re const...
75136; Droid Escape Pod
75136; Droid Escape
Help the droids escape with the Death Star plans! C-...
Set 31038: Changing Seasons House
Set 31038: Changing
Enjoy summer, autumn and winter with the 3-in-1 Changing Sea...

10680: Garbage Truck
10680: Garbage Truck
Jump on the garbage truck for the morning rounds! Go...
21022: Lincoln Memorial
21022: Lincoln Memor
Build the iconic Lincoln Memorial in LEGO® bricks! ...
8293: Motor Set
8293: Motor Set
Power up your LEGO® Power Functions! Add even more powe...